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BOMBARDER (Bosnia) Ima li života prije smrti Tape. Old school speed/ Thrash

CANENS CARCER (Por) Canens Carcer Tape. Doom metal with old sludge and 70's occult touches.

ORDER OF THE EMPEROR (Hol) Faster into flames Tape. Old school hard rock/ heavy

PISSBOILER (Swe) In the lair of lucid nightmares CD. Digipack. Obscure doom death/ Funeral doom death

POISONED SPEED (Ger) Quick and dirty CD. Heavy/ Speed/ Rock'n roll. Sounds like Motorhead or a bit of old Venom. (Contains 3 demos + bonus tracks).

PUTREFIANCE (Fra) Resurrected malevolence CD. Putrid death metal/ Death doom (Contains all the band's demos and Ep)

REPUGNANCIA (Chile) Decadente mundo de divina tiranía MCD. Quite obscure and epic satanic death metal, for fans of old Deicide, old Immolation, early Nile...

SLOG (Usa) Graves CD. Death doom/ Slow dooooom (Member of Filtheater)

STRIGOI (Chile) Strigoi MCD. Blackened old school death, somewhat sounds like a mix of Sadistic Intent, Repugnant, Possessed, with more influences of old black metal and quite good atmospheres of horror. Quite promising! (Members of Hallux Valgus, Exanimatvm)

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AUME (Chile) Fulgor renegrido Tape. Black metal/ folk, sounds quite atmospheric but also quite raw and obscure.

DISTRAUGHT (Mex)/ FAECAL TRIPE (Mex) Allthrought the gross infectology tresholds Split CD.
Old putrid death metal meets old school death grind. Rerelease of old demos from 1991 and 1993.

NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Compilation tape. Label sampler resuming the last 10 years of releases. Death metal, old school death, death doom, and a bit of black metal.

NIHILISTIC Newsletter - 12/ May 2022
Reviews of Suffering Sights, Evil Spectrum, Intrinsic Maleficence, Noxis, Blue Holocaust, Summoner, Stinker, Nekromio, Schizodeath, Vai-te foder... One A4 page folded two times and filled with as much infos as possible.

Fanzine: DEADLY ILLNESS (Hungary) Issue 7: Skelethal earth, Repuked, Ruinas, Impaler, Hybernoid, Sun Crow, Black syrup zine, Jääportit, Rato triste, Betelzeus, Residue, the creator of the Chtulhu movie... Fanzine about old school death, doom and old punk hardcore mostly.
60 pages. A4. In english. 2022.

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