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Help! Searching for a beautiful lady from HF-2018

Bonjour, dear brothers of metal. Here is the problem. I hope to find one photographer from Nantes, really hope some of you know her, she is a journalist, she was working for Hellfest 2018, she was making photos of Avenged Sevenfold and many other bands. Unfortunately I don't remember her name, but here is the piece of information about her - about 40, looking great, brunette, tattoo on her neck(may be also somewhere else, I don't remember exactly), has a son about 17-18, who was also with her on the fest, with the friend of the same age(they're big fans of Parkway drive, as I remember), the name of the car she was driving is Renault. And another important feature about her - she is walking with crutches after a moto-crush 15 years ago. That's all information that I remember after a small talk on the way to Nantes...I really hope you'll help me, would be really grateful. The problem is that we(me and my husband) forgot a graphics card(video card) in her car, that's why it's so important for us to find her. Thanks a lot in advance! Best regards, Elena

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