Hellfest 2015 - the goods and not so goods

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Hellfest 2015 - the goods and not so goods

Hi Hellfest.

Hope you're well.

Our experience at Hellfest this year was overall very positive. big_smile

Lots of great bands, excellent time spent drinking cheap wine, good atmosphere pretty much all round. We were knackered by the end!  tongue

Some definite improvements should be mentioned - especially the compost toilets, which were less smelly, not too hideous queue-wise and probably a lot more hygienic than the conventional hell-holes. More please!

The Bar du Vin appeared to larger (just my imagination?!) than previous years which was ace!

In terms of the sound-systems, I have to say that the quality was very good: easily as good as previous years and probably better overall than ever before. Thanks for this  wink

Also good news for getting rid of the bridge of death  yikes

A couple of questions:

- Is my mind playing tricks or were the sound desks occupying unusually large areas this year?  As mentioned the sound was great but it seemed that it was quite a bulky space taken up particularly near the main stages which blocked the views, etc.

- Will the Cashless system be properly honed in time for next year? Some clarity's needed as to what goods can be bought and at what locations. This will save a lot of time walking and queuing. We weren't as unfortunate as some punters but it was still somewhat messy! Don't like missing bands due to hiccups like this. mad

- Will there be more camping space on offer next year? If you're traveling from abroad and can't get into the main campsite until Thursday evening it's difficult to get a space, and perhaps due to the numbers this year proved to be pretty tricky!

- Was the festival arena smaller this year, or were a significantly larger number of tickets sold than in previous years? Either way it seemed a little crowded at times, and I don’t mean just in the crowds in front of the stages.

Looking forward to some feedback, and another great festival next year! kiss

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